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So what is Greenly Sake?

Greenly Sake is a concept, an idea, an introduction to the world of Sake brewing at home. This site was started with pure education in mind.

This site is only a stepping stone to what you can, and should experience when it comes to Sake home-brewing. By brewing your own Sake you begin to get a greater appreciation of Sake and what goes into it from start to finish. The goal of the website is to make it as easy as possible and still stick to a correct process of brewing Sake.

I consider this a start-up factory for future Sake brewers where ideas can be exchanged and thoughts expressed in the Sake home-brewing world. There are not enough Sake home-brewer sites compared to home-brew beer sites, and that is where I got my idea. Why not have a site dedicated to home-brewing sake education and have anyone and everyone become the teacher of their Sake skill level.

If you liked this article let me know by becoming a member of the forum. Check out the rest of and become a member of the Sake community by joining the Sake forum to give or get advice, buy or sell used brewing equipment, find out the latest tech, and find the nearest Sake tastings and festivals around the world. Thanks for reading my articles!

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