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Sake Tasting During And After Brewing

I have to get this out of the way first. When you hear Sake the average person thinks wine, but in reality, Sake is not a wine, it is more closely related to a beer, but still not. Sake, like wine and beer, are fermented, just not by itself, it needs help. In wine, you have the natural sugars broken down by the yeast, and In beer, you have a single fermentation process. In Sake, you have the parallel fermentation process which we covered in this article.

When brewing your sake nothing should smell bad during the entire process, if it smells bad you have done something wrong. Sake should smell sweet, taste sweet, and feel almost carbonated in your mouth while fermenting. This new brew will eventually mellow out a little near the end of the brewing process as the bubbles will go away.

The end of the brewing process is signified by the yeast as it stops producing alcohol after consuming all the sugars. The taste still has a bite and an initial sweetness/dryness though. The mixture of these two tastes will make your taste buds jump around in excitement. You can filter it, pasteurize it, and bottle it for maturing in a dark, dry and cool area of your home, or you can drink it. Letting Sake sit for a good 3-6 months will allow the bite to go away and all that will be left is the dryness or sweetness of the type of Sake you wanted. Congrats you made it and now all will be right with the world, or at least until you finish your Sake.

If you follow my procedure on the recipe page you will get some good Sake. The directions leave it open enough for you to adjust temperature and length of brew time so you can tweak your own personal flavor.

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