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Craft Sake, More Than Just A Fad.

There is a surge of Sake homebrewers that are taking their product mainstream. Sake breweries are popping up outside of Japan and becoming increasingly popular. Those initial craft homebrewers from the end of the 20th century to the start of the 21st century have expanded to created their own breweries after years of practice and study.

Sake craft brewers are breathing new life into this ancient art form. Some breweries are adding carbonation, some are experimenting with adding Sake to other types of alcoholic drinks, and some are keeping with tradition but adding their own spin to the drink. If you can't find craft Sake near you, perhaps think about what your own Sake would taste like if you brewed it yourself. Maybe you will be the next craft Sake brewer in your area.

In Norway, Sake started as an extension of a beer brewing company named Nøgne Ø and seems to have found a niche. Also in Norway, thanks to the Norwegian Sake Association, the word is getting out about Sake. On a separate but important note, it is refreshing to see women running the majority of the Sake association there. In fact, 83% of the C level positions of the Norwegian Sake Association are women.

Other countries are slowly getting into brewing Sake. England just made history and opened up its first Sake Brewery this year in London, Canada has two, the United States has at least 12 individual Sake breweries now, and that number is always growing. Sake has slowly been making a name for itself in new homes around the world, it is no longer a drink of Japan, but of the world.

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