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Benefits of Koji

Aspergillus Oryzae is the scientific name for Koji. It is one of the ingredients you need to make Sake with but it is so much more than that. It is incorporated into most Asian cooking. A. Oryzae is grown on rice, soybeans, and other grains that have been inoculated by its spores to grow and produce a flavorful taste within the dish or a fermentation to it.

Ever have Miso Soup at the local Sushi bar? A. Oryzae is in that. This white and fuzzy mold is currently gaining popularity among chefs in North America now as something that you can grow on meats. One of the benefits the chefs have noticed is that it speeds up the drying process with an added flavor.

A. Oryzae has health benefits too, It helps people digest dairy products better. A. Oryzae is a Probiotic. That means it is something that helps your gut, specifically your intestinal flora. A. Oryzae is found to be the main ingredient in a dietary supplement product called LACTAID® which for people like me is now a staple of my diet when I want to have some dairy.

Out of all the alcoholic drinks on the market today, Sake is the one that is universal for people to be able to drink. It can be consumed by anyone, subject to them not being allergic to alcohol itself. It's perfect if you have issues with your stomach. It isn't something that's harsh, nor is it something that makes your face crumple up due to the taste. It doesn't have Sulfides that could give certain people allergic reactions, and it doesn't have such a high percentage of alcohol that it could start your car. Having a Sake with dinner might even allow you to have a small amount of dairy with it depending on your level of sensitivity to Lactose all thanks to the mold with the nickname, "Koji".

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