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Which Rice Is Good Sake Rice in North America?

When it comes to which state produces the most rice, the clear winner is Arkansas.

Rice. It's the staple of Sake next to Koji, but what kind do you choose when starting out? To be even classified as Sake, the rice has to be polished down 30% of the original size.

There are multiple kinds of rice that are grown around the world and in the United States. They range from long grain, short grain, and even aromatic rice grown with multiple variations in between.

Where does the rice grow in North America? Rice crops are grown in the lower United States that border the Mississippi River, excluding California. When it comes to which state produces the most rice, the clear winner is Arkansas. The rice produced from these states are exported throughout the world in competition with other country's rice productions. Most of the rice that Americans eat is grown inside the United States though.

What does this factoid do for you? When choosing rice for your Sake you have to be picky. Your Sake won't taste good if you choose Uncle Ben's boxed rice from the grocery store. Yes, you can make Sake with it, should you? No. If you are going to spend some money, spend it wisely and get the ingredients that will give you the best possible outcome for your budget. So like I said, yes, you can use Uncle Ben's rice and that is fine, if that is the amount you can spare for rice in your Sake brewing, but the taste of your Sake will reflect your budget when it comes to ingredients.

A good medium/short grained rice that is advertised as Sushi rice works just fine for home brewing Sake. I use rice that comes from California in my recipe. It is a nice medium grain rice. The rice has a great taste and it's sold in my local grocery store, so those were the deciding factors for me when I selected my rice.

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