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Sometimes you need to do a little DIY on your Sake Brewing equipment.

Trying to keep the price down on your fermentation equipment can require a little DIY.

After looking around to get the cheapest price for buckets I noticed that a lot of food grade buckets can be used for fermentation, but they may not seal very well, or they don't have the holes in the lid you need to insert your CO2 release valve. I'm going to explain in this article how to correct this by fixing the problem yourself with tools you probably already have around the house.

The lid is the main problem when brewing. You need it to seal properly. The CO2 that is being created by the fermentation process needs to be measured by eyesight with a valve. Whether you go to your local home center, grocery store, or you order your buckets online, sometimes the lids don't come with holes. This is where you need to pull out your drill, make a hole in the lid, and put the rubber grommet in. A grommet is a rubber piece that goes in the hole on the lid to help prevent air from leaking around the CO2 valve. They are usually black and look like a tiny tire, (See order page for a better description).

The drill bit you need to use is a 9/16". Make sure to sand down the top and bottom of the hole after drilling with a nail file with fine paper on it. Wipe it off and then insert the grommet. To make the lid seal properly on the bucket you can add Saran wrap over the top of the bucket, poke either one medium size hole or a bunch of smaller holes, then screw or push the lid down until tight. This should make a proper seal and let the gas go where it needs to, and not out the sides of the lid.

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