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Minerals in your water and how it affects your Sake.

To understand how a Sake tastes you need to know how minerals in your brewing water affect it.

So first I have a quick high school chemistry lesson. The lower the PH of a fluid the more acidic it is, the higher the PH the more Alkaline it is.

Adding or removing minerals in your water will affect your Sake outcome. Magnesium, calcium, phosphates, and potassium are all minerals that can influence the taste of the Sake. I am not saying go out and buy these add-ins and dump them into your Sake water, but a lot of Sake recipes talk about adding Epsom Salts to the brew and never explain why? Start out using regular distilled water. That is your baseline Sake. Move up from there, but learn in that environment first. By removing the variables you can reduce possible Sake brews not tasting as you thought they would.

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