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Yes, you can brew Sake yourself.

I started learning about Sake back in March 2017. I noticed I couldn't drink certain kinds of alcohol anymore, and just so happened to be watching a documentary on Netflix about Sake. I think that was when I got the bug to try and brew my own.

The first batch and every batch after have all scaled upon each other. I have learned from my mistakes in fermentation times, costs, attempting to make my own Koji, amounts and attempting to not use a digital scale. Everything was a learning process at first. I was just keeping a record so I wouldn't forget anything, I figured if I wrote it down I could go back to it and reread it if I messed up. After a while, I decided to make a website because there must be others out there doing the same thing. I was right and they all had the same questions, but from what I was reading, they were getting the wrong kind of, and very expensive advice for first time home brewing.

Making Sake isn't that it's hard, it's time-consuming. It takes way longer than beer brewing and certain kinds of distilling. It also uses a unique type of fermentation process called "Parallel Fermentation". This is something that no other alcohol uses when it is being brewed.

Just starting out I kept track of all my costs that went into my Sake project. I think in total I spent around $125.00 to get started. I have averaged about $40.00 per brew now, and get around 4-5 750ml bottles out of it.

It's worth it though I think. I can make something out of nothing and it's fantastic, plus I don't have to pay a lot to drink ever again. LOL!

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