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Sake: A drink for people with Gluten allergies.

Brewing Sake doesn't have to be something hard, passed down from a line of Toji in Japan, nor does it have to be complicated.

I started to brew Sake in March 2017 because my gastrointestinal tract stopped liking gluten products. I had known about Sake and figured I would research it to see what was in it, but then I got the idea to see just how far I could take it. I researched all the “Why’s and How’s” in sake brewing. I came to the conclusion that if I studied the answers that came from those questions hard enough perhaps I could make a decent tasting Sake myself. I began to read every home-brew website, watch every video, documentary, and attempt to reach out to other home-brewers to find out all the different ways Sake was being brewed. Through this adventure, I have found that though there is a multitude of ways to brew Sake. The way I choose is the basic traditional way without anything added other than rice that has been milled down to 70%, water, koji, and yeast. This is called "Junmai-Shu". I learned why all the steps were there to make Sake, why it takes so long, and I began to analyze what really needed to be there and what was just tradition. Sake for me isn't just me trying some new type of alcohol, but it is for everyone who has issues with gluten, wheat, and anything else that could bother the stomach in other types of alcohol.

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