Jul 9, 2018

Waiting on some bottles


I haven't bottled the Sake yet because I am waiting until payday to buy them. Just a small pack from the Order supplies page of the site. Hopefully should have this brew bottled and stored for fall by the middle of the month. From this pic you can see a slight difference in the Sake after "Cold Crashing". Look at the before (On left) and after (on right) after being in the fridge for a week. It got a little lighter, but not by much. To clear Sake I would need to put crushed activated charcoal directly in the Sake and then filter it with a micro filter, This is something you DO NOT want to do as a home brewer just starting out. Wait until you are making batches in the 10 gallon or higher range and you have a nice budget for this. What we have here is just regular, home brew sake.



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