Frequently asked questions

Why do you need a Gravity starting level of around +/- 1.06?

The measurement of +/- 1.06 is the right level of sugar density needed to start out with before fermentation and when it doesn't go down anymore you should have an alcohol by volume percentage of 15+% ABV due to the type of yeast in the recipe if you are using the White Labs version (WLP705).

Why do you need a 6.5-gallon bucket?

Sake brewing creates carbon dioxide. If you have a lid on the brew bucket with a Co2 water release valve attached make sure that there is plenty of room between the fluid inside and the bottom of the valve. Certain valves have their openings at the bottom and if the parallel fermentation reaction gets to the top of the bucket it will clog the opening resulting in a build-up of Co2 and the lid possibly being pushed open creating a siphoning effect whereas some of your brew will be sucked out and spill over the side. The reaction is the same as shaking a can of soda and then opening it. See photo on my profile.

Why are we putting the Sake in the fridge?

The coldness of the fridge will stop the fermentation process keeping your Sake at or around 15% before pasteurizing. Placing the Sake in the cold also does what is called, "Cold Crashing". Cold Crashing is the method of clearing the sake because the Lees will fall to the bottom faster than sitting at room temp.

Why cap the bottles when they are still warm?

This will create a vacuum inside of the bottle and prevent air from being in the bottle which could possibly infect the Sake with airborne particles.